Who The MAC™ Will Serve

For purposes of The MAC™, people with a “special need” are defined as individuals of all ages with long-term impairment of cognitive, sensory, motor and/or communication functions, either congenital or acquired, that are not readily rehabilitated.  Furthermore, a special need substantially limits an individual’s ability to perform activities in the range of what is considered typical for a person of the same age and cultural context.  A special need may result in associated social, behavioral or mental health complexities, requiring specialized intervention by a professional.

Populations to be served at The MAC™ are the range of conditions that are classified as intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as acquired or congenital physical disabilities. Please see “What conditions will you treat at The MAC™” in our FAQs for more information.

The Growing Need

“People with Disabilities: A Texas Profile” indicates there are 297,255 individuals with a special need in Bexar County, or 15-percent of the total population. Adding the special needs populations of the seven contiguous counties (Atascosa, Wilson, Kendall, Comal, Medina, Bandera, Guadalupe) increases the total to 369,558, also 15-percent of the combined population of the seven counties.  Similar totals exist in other areas of the state and nation. This is a population that has not been fully addressed or carved out as a focus group at the local, state and national level. The MAC ™ aims to change that by bringing awareness to the needs of this population and providing a model built for them. 

It is The MAC’s fervent hope that successful implementation of The MAC Care Model™ will encourage other communities to adopt a collaborative, coordinated health-care effort to assist their citizens with special needs.