What is The MAC

A One-of-a-Kind Multi-Assistance Center

The MAC is the first of its kind! By providing health, living, and other resources to individuals with special needs and disabilities in one location, we are helping bridge the ability gap.

Our approach provides medical and non-medical services all under one roof. We aim for The MAC to become a destination for individuals with special needs and disabilities providing the best care, support, and community. The facility is built with special attention to Ultra-Accessibility™ and is sensory sensitive to eliminate physical barriers.

All services have been designed in a framework called The MAC Care Model™ . This will provide clients with services they require in one facility and/or one network. We have high hopes that The MAC Care Model™ will encourage other communities to adopt a collaborative, coordinated healthcare effort to assist their community members with special needs.

Why The MAC is Important

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All too often, individuals with special needs and disabilities get fragmented, uncoordinated health and social services from providers spread out all over the community. They often feel they do not have the support or knowledge needed to identify and navigate through their services options.

As a result, they become overwhelmed by the complexities facing them and sometimes fall through the cracks. Many eventually give up. When this happens, instead of improving their health and quality of life, they regress or remain in limbo.

How We Help

The MAC’s solution was to create our unique disability resource center. Our services will be offered through many partner organizations and coordinated through staff members known as Navigators.

Our program is designed to be comprehensive, complementary, and synergistic. Thus, providing a better experience for individuals who need special needs care. Our program also aims to make better outcomes through improved coordination and communication among the different providers.

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