Therapy Services at The MAC™

A Pioneering Way to Provide Comprehensive and Integrated Therapy Services for Individuals with Special Needs

Individuals with special needs require various therapy disciplines and modalities for habilitation, rehabilitation, and education purposes, many will be available at The MAC. To produce better outcomes, these therapy disciplines and modalities need to be coordinated, comprehensive and complimentary. The MAC’s therapy philosophy will employ a holistic and transdisciplinary approach that concentrates on team goal setting, provider coordination, and helping clients and their caregivers understand their conditions to improve their health and quality of life. Therapy at The MAC will be in coordination with programs such as assistive technology, seating and orthotics clinics, tele-rehab and in sync with The MAC Medical Home, Community Support Services, and our MAC Navigation System (“MAC Nav”). The scope of therapy services at The MAC includes the following:

Therapy services at The MAC will be data-driven and outcomes-based. Measuring and reporting progress will be key to assessing the effectiveness of these coordinated and comprehensive services as well as contributing to future improvements.