The Medical Institute at The MAC

A Pioneering Way
To Provide Comprehensive Medical Service To
Individuals With Special Needs

The Medical Institute at the MAC will be the anchor of all medical services provided at The Multi-Assistance Center at Morgan’s Wonderland (The MAC). This first-class, state of the art medical facility will provide primary care and services to individuals with special needs. Through coordination with community partners, the Institute will make it easier for individuals with special needs to receive all their medical services in a welcoming environment from providers specifically trained to treat their condition(s).

What Makes The Medical Institute Unique

Oftentimes, family members of individuals with special needs cannot take time off work to transport their loved one to all the necessary medical providers. Having to seek out several specialists to meet the individual’s needs can be daunting and overwhelming. Often times, the specialists they see are not trained or equipped to handle the specific needs of patients with physical and developmental disabilities. The specialists also are not able to guide patients through their primary and social service needs which often leads to incomplete diagnoses.

The Medical Institute at the MAC is designed to coordinate the majority of medical needs of individuals with special needs. Here they receive integrated medical care that will address physical and medical needs, along with emotional and social service support. The experts on-site have specific skillsets focused on individuals with special needs. 

What's Inside

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