The Key to Success:
Comprehensive Navigation

Everyone with a special need will be assigned a specially-trained Navigator, who will assess each person’s situation and patiently guide him or her to workable solutions to their needs, whether they are medical, therapeutic, social, financial, educational, training or legal. The Navigator will conduct a comprehensive, in-person intake process with each MAC client to ascertain all areas of need.  This means The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland client will relate his or her story and circumstances only once, and the information will be entered into the system for referrals and tracking and updated as services are received.

Once clients complete the intake process, a score will be assigned to them which will indicate the level of navigation resources they need. Follow-up will be accomplished through an innovative and integrated electronic platform (The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ Navigation System), which connects all appropriate community organizations/providers and enables easy tracking and coordination of connections, referrals and follow-ups. The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ Navigators will monitor cases to ensure movement, follow-through and success of securing required services for the individual with special-needs.

Since multiple organizations will offer services at The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™, solutions to many needs will be available on-site.  The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ network also will extend to services not offered at our facility. This pioneering approach represents the future of how health care as well social and community services should be made available for people with special needs.