The Harvey E. Najim Medical Institute at The MAC
A new and pioneering way to provide medical services to individuals with special needs.

Medical services at The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ will be anchored by the Medical Home that will provide primary care and specialist services.Oftentimes, family members of individuals with special needs cannot afford to take off enough time from work to transport their loved one to all the necessary medical providers. As a result, the caregiver consults with the specialist(s) most closely associated with the special need requiring treatment. Thus, it’s not uncommon for the specialist, after addressing the condition in question, to have to manage the client’s primary care and social-services needs, something the specialist may not be equipped or trained to do. The MAC’s Medical Home will have a primary-care focus, staffed with providers who specialize in treating individuals with special needs, however specialists also will be situated on-site to provide coordinated and integrated medical care. 

Appointment times will be longer than normal to properly care for the special-needs population. In addition, The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ will be designed to be ultra-accessible™, not only to eliminate physical barriers to access but also to accommodate all patients’ special needs.  Some of the exam rooms will double as sensory rooms so special-needs individuals can acclimate themselves with the clinic setting on their own terms.

Particularly noteworthy will be ambulatory surgery center in The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ that can accommodate sedated dental procedures as well as optometric and ophthalmic exams, audiological testing, blood-drawing and outpatient surgeries requiring anesthesia.  It’s believed this type of surgery center setting exists nowhere else for special-needs patients.

Partners of The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ 

Partial list as of August 2020