The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland Care Model™

While planning for The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™, we quickly determined no single organization can address the broad range of services required by individuals with special needs. Thus, we realized the best approach would be a collective-impact model, that brings an entire community of service providers together, where collaboration will be at the heart of our success. 

We called the result of this approach The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland Care Model™. The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland™ will be data-driven and outcome-based.  Measuring and reporting progress will be key to assessing the effectiveness of service.

Community Support Services
Social determinants of health

Day Care Center, Sports, Transportation, Educational Sessions and Workshops, Peer Support Groups, Housing Programs, Job Training Programs, Food Assistance Programs, Legal Assistance, Dietary Counseling and Education, Financial Planning, Long-Term Care Planning, Education Programs
*Studies have shown that 70% of an individual's health is attributed to these factors.

therapy services

Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Massage Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Music Therapy, Assistive Technology Lab, Home Lab, Counseling Therapy​

medical homE

Primary Care, Specialty Care, Mental Health, Dental Services, Eye Clinic, Audiology Clinic, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Telemedicine, Lab, Imaging, Pharmacy​

The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland Care Model™ is a custom framework designed to provide most of the services individuals with special needs based on 4 anchors: Navigation, Community Support Services, a Medical Home and a Therapy Home. These services will be provided by many community organizations, each providing the services they are experts in and known for – but integrated in one facility and all coordinated through a customized navigation and tracking system and platform we are calling The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland Navigation System. The uniqueness of The MAC at Morgan’s Wonderland Care Model™ is that it is designed around addressing Social Determinants of Health and Social Services.